Sea Kayak Level 1 - Yellow paddle pass (EPP)


The course is targeted to you who want to learn more about safety in Kayaks, develop your technique for paddling and your knowledge about how to take care of our environment.
Except swimming skills there are no prior knowledge needed!
You may expect an equal part cozy as exciting whole day including rescue practice, training of technique, play at sea and of course fantastic experiences in the nature.

You who participated in the course and completed the set of examination parts will get the yellow paddle pass on site.
Except for the techniques at yellow level we will also show a set of techniques for green level such that you, as a participant, can keep on developing on your own.

About the course and the paddle pass
The paddle pass is based on EPP (European Paddle Pass) and is issued by the Swedish Canoe Association. The yellow card proves that you have the basic skills about paddling, something that many renters of today demands to guarantee the safety of their customers at sea.
During the course we will, among other things to go through:

- Safe boarding and un-boarding a sea kayak
- How to keep balance even in high waves
- Ergonomic and effective paddling for longer distances
- Basic steering
- To stop and reverse a kayak
- To exit and empty a kayak which has tumbled over
- How to perform a T rescue
- To lift and carry a kayak
- Low brace support stroke
- Stern rudder
- Moving sideways

Safety on water
- How we relate to boat traffic
- What equipment to bring
- Basic rescue techniques
- To learn to know our ability and how to relate to weather and wind

- The Nature as our arena and how to show it care
- What does protected areas mean?
- Allemansrätten (Outdoor Access Rights), what does it mean and what should we know about it at sea?

This is included in the course:

  • Instructor for the day
  • Fully equiped kayak, including paddle, spray skirt and life west
  • The Yellow Paddle Pass as a certificate
  • Coffee and snacks

Length of the course: 7 hours including one hour lunch break.

Price: SEK 1590/Participant

Available for groups of 4-8 participants. Send your booking request to