Malö sea (The Currents of Malö)


Starting from beautiful Flatön

The American television company CNN classifies this coastal area as the world's seventh most beautiful wilderness area after the rainforest in Tanzania and the salt desert in Bolivia. It was also where Evert Taube was prescribed by his doctor Ernst Salén to rest in a scenic area and breathe the clean sea air.

Of course, it is easy to become home blind, but with a view of countless kobs and skerries, we understand that the Bohusländ archipelago offers experiences we cannot find anywhere else. Here we find many seal and bird protection areas and a completely unique fauna of animal and plant life.
This tour includes an introductory course so that everyone regardless of experience has the opportunity to come along.
Our kayaks are very stable and beginner-friendly. Double kayaks are also available for those who prefer to share.
After the introductory course, you qualify for a white paddle pass, which is the first level of the EPP (European Paddle Pass).

Duration of the tour: 5 hours including briefing on land and a one-hour lunch break. (About 3 hours paddling time).

This includes:

  • Fully equipped kayak including paddle, spray skirt and life jacket.
  • Guide/instructor for the day
  • Coffee and snacks
  • White Paddle Pass as course certificate

Price: 990 SEK / Participant

For groups of 4-16 participants. Send your booking request by e-mail to