The Isles of Stallbacka — Guided tour and introductory course w/lunch included

The Isles of Stallbacka — Guided tour and introductory course w/lunch included


The isles of Stallbacka — Paddling in time in the heart of Trollhättan

An introductory course in kayaking and a guided tour

If someone mentions the history of Trollhättan most folks might think about Nohab, SAAB, the floodgates or the power station of Olidan. Fact is though that out history stretches further back than that. Come along to our town's forgotten cradle, the leafy Isles of Stallbacka.

Long before the pharaohs of Egypt let build the first pyramids, the first settlers of Trollhättan settled down at this site, it is believed. Since then, the river, the falls, and the islands is an area crammed with stories and legends. From the wellknown quince of Beowulf to the rising and fall of the Kalmar union. Together we learn to know the castle Ekholm which were one of the last outposts in the Sweden of the Folkunga dynasty, and the "King with no pants" who from a chaos of war and the Black Death would rise to create a new Scandinavian Kingdom.

Our kayaks are safe and stable, even the total newbie can come along on our trips. During the introductory course we'll go through basic security and paddle technique before launching the kayaks. We'll then continue to improve our paddle technique throughout the whole trip.

Tour length: 4 - 4.5 hours including the review on-shore and an island lunch stop

Available: May til September


  • Instructor and Guide for the day
  • Introductory course, course certificate, white paddle pass (EPP and the Swedish canoe association)
  • Fully equipped kayak including paddle, spray-skirt and life jacket
  • Coffee and fika

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