Stepping up Sustainability

Stepping up Sustainability


Blue-green life is part of Stepping up Sustainability , which is Western Sweden's collective initiative for a more sustainable hospitality industry!

To protect nature

We at Blågrönt liv want to share our own reverence and wonder for the nature we have around us. The Swedish right of public access gives us the opportunity to really look around our surroundings in a way that has unfortunately been lost in large parts of the world in recent years. Not to disturb and not to destroy is the basis of exercising the right of public access. Getting there on foot or gliding quietly in your kayak are excellent examples of how you can get out into nature in a climate-smart and enjoyable way. Since kayaking affects the environment, especially during the actual manufacture of the kayaks, we place great emphasis on taking good care of our equipment - so that it can last a lifetime.

Social and environmentally sustainable tourism

As part of Stepping up Sustainability, we also help to spread nature tourism to places where there is otherwise relatively little tourism. This is partly to give people the opportunity to make new discoveries of scenic places and partly to reduce the load where the pressure is already great. We also have good cooperation with local companies where we conduct business so that local environmentally smart business benefits and so that you as a customer have the opportunity to, for example, enjoy locally produced food.


We run activities for socially vulnerable groups and arrange, among other things, kayaking for people with spinal cord injuries. This is done with specially adapted kayaks in collaboration with, among others, the personal injury association RTP. We want everyone to have the opportunity to get out into our beautiful nature. Since we in the work team have several with a background in human care professions and social work, we want to continue to develop nature-supported projects for inclusion, habilitation and rehabilitation.