Sea Weed Paddling, Flatön

Sea Weed Paddling, Flatön


Eating seaweed has become increasingly popular, you may have already tried it for example when you ordered sushi? Not quite as well known is that our Swedish archipelago is also full of useful delicacies!

In the depths of the sea during the darkness of winter, the seaweed grows and thrives and in the spring it is the best to harvest!

We therefore welcome you to a real seaweed kayak trip launched from Flatön where we will guide you, during an afternoon, in the marine landscape and show you several good and edible types of seaweed that grow around us.

In addition to a wonderful paddling, we will cook and taste the different types of seaweed we picked together during the day. Maybe you will find a couple of new useful delicacies to include in your cooking skills the next time you invite to a party!

Blågrönt Liv is proud to present our new nature and kayak guides Angela and Jonne who are very much looking forward to a wonderful trip with you where kayaking meets the sea's vegetarian cuisine!

The tour is beginner friendly and we adapt to the group's abilities! Our kayaks are very stable and we go through basic paddle technology before we leave. Only swimming skills are a requirement.

Dates for 2023: 28/5, 3/6, 4/6 Price; 695 SEK

This is included

  • Fully equipped kayak, including paddle, spray skirt and life jacket for the day
  • Knowledgeable guides / instructors
  • The delicacies of the sea


  • Change in waterproof bag (drybags are available for rent)
  • Filled water bottle
  • Snacks as energy replenishment
  • Clothes fitting the weather