Rent services and Oasis kayaks

Rent services and Oasis kayaks


You can rent Oasis' one-man and two-man kayaks for groups of 5-12 people on agreed dates in the area around Trollhättan. Single kayaks are also available for rent from Flatön.

  • Very easy paddling, safe and secure sea kayaks without rudders for both the beginner and the more experienced exercise paddler.
  • Adjustable footrests and backrests.
  • Fun and stable kayaks even in rough seas.
  • Life jacket, spray skirt, boxes / pump, map.

Extradition and collection

We leave and deliver kayaks free of charge to Munkeboviken in Öresjö and Kanotbryggan in Trollhättan. We also have kayaks for rent at Flatö Kayak Center, where it is also possible to rent individual kayaks. If you want to paddle in another lake or watercourse, we will agree on a suitable mileage allowance for driving out.

| Price list | SEK | | ----------- | ------ | | Oasis one-man kayak up to 8 hours | SEK 500 | Oasis one-man kayak 1 day | SEK 650 | Oasis one-man kayak 2 days (weekend) | SEK 850 | Oasis one-man kayak Week | SEK 2500 | Two-man Oasis Full day, electricity according to island | SEK 650 | Two-Man Oasis Day | SEK 950 | Two-man Oasis 2 days | SEK 1450 | Two-Man Oasis Week | SEK 3000 | GUIDE / INSTRUCTOR Per hour | SEK 500 | GUIDE / INSTRUCTOR Per day | SEK 4500 | COMPANIES | Offer

For booking requests, send an e-mail with the desired date(s) / items to [email protected]