Pearls of the West Coast— whole day tour

Pearls of the West Coast— whole day tour


A two stop trip of great joy

This tour is for you who want to explore some really nice places on the coast of Bohuslän!

The trip takes about 7 hours, of which about 4 hours is paddle time, divided into three stages.

During this tour we make two stops, one on a nice beach where we also have lunch and then another where it is possible to buy coffee / ice cream and look around or visit an interesting museum. We start from Flatö kayak center and choose the route depending on the weather and wind. The routes go to Islandsberg and over to Gullholmen or Flatön around with stops on Koljön and Bassholmen.

The tour is beginner friendly and we go through basic paddle technique before we leave. We will paddle at a leisurely pace and divide the route into stages. Prior knowledge is not a requirement, if you have paddled before, it is of course a plus, otherwise a decent basic condition will suffice.


  • Guide/instructor for the day
  • Fully equipped kayak including paddle, spray-skirt and life jacket
  • Coffee and fika

Price: SEK 890

Dates 2022: 7/7, 17/7, 20/7, 24/7, 28/7, 31/7, 13/8