National day Kayaking in Trollhättan

National day Kayaking in Trollhättan


In many countries, not least our neighboring country Norway, the national day is frequently celebrated. With us, many feel that the national day is a bit forgotten. Probably because our independence has not been threatened by war for more than 200 years. The year is now 2022 and a brutal war is being fought in Europe. We therefore want to take advantage of this day to remember our history and all the times people in Trollhättan had to flee headlong to survive. Few people know, for example, that between 1500 and 1658, our city was burned to the ground and rebuilt fourteen times!

In a true local patriotic spirit, we want to take you out to the place where the first Trollhätte residents settled more than 7000 years ago, the Stallbacka islands. We land on the mythical Castle Island where the castle Ekholm once stood as the last outpost of the folk kings against the otherwise almost completely occupied Sweden. Here we offer coffee and coffee and share stories and legends of the area.

Our kayaks are stable and beginner-friendly. An introductory course in kayaking and a course certificate are included in the price. Only swimming skills are a requirement.

This includes:

  • Guide / instructor
  • Fully equipped kayak including paddle, canopy and life jacket
  • White paddle pass (EPP)
  • Coffee and snacks
  • National Day price: SEK 695 *

Date: 6/6 2022