Kayaking in Lake Gravlången

Kayaking in Lake Gravlången


Trip description

In this beautiful silent lake we slide ahead among water lilys and smartweed, beaver huts and listen to the bird wild life.

Bring your friends and come along with us for real joyous trip in our beautiful lake Gravlången! Here we slide gently forward on top of flowering water lilys and pink water smartweed. Here we also get to know the animals that thrive around the lake as the Heron, Great Crested Grebe and Beaver. After a while by the lake we will go ashore on a beautiful island or beach to eat the lunch we brought. Blågrönt Liv offer coffee and fika. For the ones who want to get wet voluntarily, this stop is also an excellent opportunity for a swim.

If you are a beginner and have a taste to try kayak paddling this is a golden opportunity for you. We'll go through basic paddling techniques and boarding and un-boarding so that even those with nil experience can come along.

Our kayaks are very stable and beginner friendly. Double kayaks are at hand for those who are interested. After the day with accomplished elements you qualify for a white paddle pass which is the first level of EPP (European Paddle Pass). The card can be bought on spot for 50 SEK for the ones who want a proof of an accomplished introductory course.

How, where, when?

Vi meet at Ålstadsnäs Nature Reserve and walk through the basics, pack our kayaks and leave. The trip is 5 hours including 1 hour break for lunch. You need to be able to swim. This trip is from 12 years old. Coffee and fika included. Bring your own lunch.

Dates 2022: 4/6, 18/6, 29/6, 8/7